DTech Computers

DTech Computers Shop Front Bishop Auckland
Park Right Outside the Shop for Loading and Unloading

DTech Computers are a local and long-established computer shop, and experienced repair centre. 

They also sell most things you could ever need for your computer - and of course computers and laptops, (both new and used)

Still trading since 1994 they are clearly very well known and trusted. Partly for their quality work, expertise, and down to earth pricing. But mostly for their good old-fashioned and polite "person to person" service and reliability. 

Their longevity, and continued presence, whilst all similar local shops have been forced to close, inspires great confidence and peace of mind.


DTech Computers

With many years of actual experience, we now remain the local computer and laptop repair shop, still providing advice for free and repairs from as little as ten pounds.

We also sell properly built personalised and reliable computers, as well as laptops and most things for your computers including laptop-chargers, components, mice, ink, CDs, paper and everything else from our shop where you can park right outside the door to visit us. 

We also buy used computers and laptops. (even if broken) 

We are pleased to have remained suppliers to many of our public and businesses in the area, as well as Durham University, Durham County Council, and most local schools. 

In customer service we continue to exceed the legal, and more importantly the moral requirements of a long established  personal service built on good old fashioned "person to person" customer care started by the business founder and owner, (previously a qualified and practicing quality engineer) who bought his first computer in 1983.

However, we feel our most important qualifications are our reliability and experience. And the quality of personal service we give our customers, even when we're not making a sale!

Oh - and your phone call will always be answered at DTech by a PERSON.



"We remain at your service"